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Lawsuit Accuses Former Federal Judge of Misconduct

Judge Edith Jones of the Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appealsjudge tipping the scales is being accused of judicial misconduct in a lawsuit filed earlier this week.

The suit asserts that Judge Jones, who was appointed to the court by Ronald Reagan and confirmed by the senate in 1985, made discriminatory remarks about people of Hispanic and African American descent, claiming they are more prone to be involved in violence and commit crimes.

Her comments present a problem, since someone serving on such a high court should not make such impartial statements. Speaking so frankly and discounting entire groups of people as she is accused of doing diminishes public confidence in the judicial system and is contrary to a judge’s role in impartially upholding the law.

Judge Jones has multiple death penalty cases before her, with many of the defendants being of minority descent. The suit claims that her comments violate legal ethics and she should not be able to rule on these cases. Some are calling for review of her past cases as well.

It’s imperative for judges to maintain the integrity of their positions, since their decisions have serious impact on peoples’ lives.